Morning Revival

  • Week 12 — Day 4

    S. S. 6:13 Return, return, O Shulammite; return, return, that we may gaze at you… 4 You are as beautiful, my love, as Tirzah, as lovely as Jerusalem, as terrible as an army with banners

    The divine romance is portrayed poetically in Song of Songs. In Song of Songs the seeker passes through a process to become the Shulammite, the duplication of Solomon and a figure of the New Jerusalem (6:13, 4). The lover’s name, Shulammite, which is the feminine form of Solomon, is first used in Song of Songs 6:13, indicating that at this point she has become Solomon’s duplication and counterpart, the same as Solomon in life, nature, and image, as Eve to Adam (Gen. 2:20-23). This signifies that the lover of Christ becomes the same as He is in life, nature, and image to match Him (2 Cor. 3:18; Rom. 8:29) for their marriage. The lover of Solomon, having passed through various stages of transformation, has become Solomon’s duplication

    The New Jerusalem will be a corporate Shulammite, including all of God’s chosen and redeemed people

    In the New Jerusalem the redeeming God (signified by Solomon) and all His redeemed (signified by the Shulammite) become one. The New Jerusalem is a mingling of divinity and humanity to express the processed and consummated Triune God in human virtues. Christ and His wife will be joined together to be the New Jerusalem for God’s expression; this is the consummated Shulammite. (The Conclusion of the New Testament, p



Hall 1 (St Lukes)

Hall 2 (Albany)

Hall 3 (Onehunga)

Hall 4 (Albany)

Hall 5 (Takanini)

Hall 6 (East Auckland)

Whole Church Gospel Meetings

(1) Saturday 7:15pm 2nd December at Hall 2 for Chinese Language
(2) Saturday 7:15pm 9th December at Hall 4 (29 Omega Street, Rosedale) for English language

These two meetings will start at 7:15pm followed by supper afterwards. All the halls and districts are welcome to attend, including our intermediates and high schoolers. Please bring a supper dish to share.

Summer Clubs Expo

Lord’s Day 10th December

We will showcase the summer clubs at the end of AGM on the Lord’s Day 10th December. The church is encouraging saints to run an event or establish a club to teach or practice a skill over the summer holidays for our Intermediates, High schoolers and tertiary students. For the saints who want to
set up a club, use the following link to create a sign-up form: . If you need any help with the form, please email [email protected].

Gospel Friends and Family Dinner and Fellowship:

10th December

On the Lord’s day evening of the 10th December the church will provide dinner for all gospel friends and saints. Many of them have attended our gospel meetings over the past few months and this dinner and fellowship is to welcome them to the church life and fellowship concerning our wonderful Christ. The dinner and fellowship will be conducted in both the English and Chinese languages and all saints and their friends are welcome. Please come by 5:45pm, as we will eat at 6pm and conclude the gathering by 8pm.

Whole Church Combined Lord’s Day Meeting and Annual General Meeting (AGM) for Church in Auckland Trust Board.

Lord’s Day 10 December

This will be held on the Lord’s Day 10 December at Hall 1, 71 Morningside Drive, St. Lukes, Auckland – starting from 10 AM.

New Year Conferences for Churches

All saints are invited. Please make arrangement to attend one or more conferences.
(1) Auckland Conference at Hall 1 from Saturday 30th December to 2nd January
(2) Palmerston North – Feilding Conference from Friday 5th January to 7th January

Wedding for brother Christian Tan and sister Lydia Liu

2pm Saturday 9th December at Hall 1.

Wedding for brother Christian Tan and sister Lydia Liu will be held 2pm Saturday 9th December at Hall 1. Refreshments afterwards. Feel free to bring a dish.

Children’s Camp at Hunua Falls

15-17 Dec

Join us for a wonderful weekend of singing, activities, and learning about our amazing God. Register by 26 Nov (late fees apply from 27 Nov):

Summer Internship

Any year 13 students or tertiary students wanting information about the church’s Summer Internship please contact Wesley’s email [email protected]