Noah’s Ark Challenge

Redeem the time and get into the Word of God during the quarantine!

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What is it

A series of Bible Studies to get to know God’s word during this time of quarantine

Why should I join?

Apart from a free bubble tea upon completion, finally understand the Bible

How do I join

Click on one of the course links below to get started. You can join as many as you like


How to join

Click on the Quizizz link in Google Classroom and register as a STUDENT

Join the Zoom meeting at the right time

Zoom link is in the lesson


Upcoming Courses

Time Sun Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat
3pm Hebrews
4pm-5pm Revelation Matthew (Start 4:30pm) Matthew (Start 4:30pm) Heart of the Bible Revelation
5-6pm Acts 1+2 Timothy
Note: Some courses have been cancelled / moved. Please recheck the times.

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